Hello! My name is Michael, and I am the owner of Buffalo Coral Reef, Buffalo’s best saltwater superstore! After 7 years of doing my own saltwater hobby at home, I decided to venture out, and open my very own store, featuring all the things that I am so passionate about. In August of 2010, I took this hobby of mine, wanting to start something new and challenging, and opened a shop on Genesee, which has been one of the most fulfilling and satisfying adventures in my life.

Choosing to go with Saltwater aquariums over Freshwater aquariums was a no-brainer for me. Although more challenging, saltwater hobbyists can enjoy more colors, cooler fish, awesome corals, and many other inverts/animals that freshwater hobbyists cannot- this was one of the main reasons I wanted to start a saltwater superstore. And the biggest accomplishment for me in this hobby has been to open a shop, and help service the Buffalo area to those who love saltwater aquariums as much as myself!

Remember, Buffalo Coral Reef is Buffalo’s best saltwater superstore!

My favorite fish is the clownfish, which are always in stock at my store, and to me is one of the best fish to take care of. If you have a tank, you must have a clownfish! I also enjoy the colorful, psychedelic Green Mandarin, and I also love all Tangs, mostly because you can find one in almost any color! Some of my favorite corals are Zoanthids and Palythoas, which are polyp corals and some of the most beautiful corals in the saltwater hobby.

Over the years, this store has been a great challenge for me, and I love every minute I get to be in my store! Fish are cool, but the greatest enjoyments I get from working in this hobby are the people- you guys! You all are the reason I opened the shop, and I love working with people everyday, whether it be new people to the hobby, or my regulars. And, I never know who could be walking into my shop on any day (for instance, C. C. DeVille)!

The single greatest thing that I get from doing this store is the enjoyment of being able to educate and help people. Yes, I do give these beautiful animals homes to live in for others to then take into their homes, but I do this store for all of you guys! I am here for you, and I love my visitors and customers. So, whether you want to start a saltwater tank, have a saltwater tank, or just have some curiosity, please stop by and see me!!! You will not be disappointed that you did! Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way, and to everyone who continues to love the hobby as much as me!